MCI Calls on Successors' of Dead Commercial Registers' Holders, to Settle their Status

23 Feb 2013
​As there are a huge pile of more than 9,000 neglect commercial registers, related to the dead, without being modified accordingly, up to now, henceforth, and in the light of previous notification by the MCI, notably the latest one dated on 19/12/2012, urging inheritors and successors of the dead commercial registers' holders, to contact MCI, in order to settle their status, with three modification options at avail: changing the name of the register's holder or to cancel it or transfer it into a corporation, within 3-month.
Now, as that deadline is about to come to an end, MCI warns that it will begin canceling them, those whom may concern, are asked to contact it, as soon as possible, before the end of the established deadline. By the very end of the deadline, MCI will feel, fully, free to proceed with cancelling  the neglect registers.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018