MCI Resumes Investigation with Closed-Car Agency and Oversees the Compensation of Affected Persons

07 Aug 2013
In its reply to the inaccurate news published in some newspapers that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI) has reopened the violating car agency after receiving an apology, the MCI wants to clarify that it has closed the agency for five days after monitoring irregularities therein and decided to complete investigation and documentation procedures, consequently, the company was fined pursuant to the list of sanctions and fines. Also, the company has pledged to solve the problems of all affected consumers and committed not to repeat the offense again.
The competent authority in the Ministry is still following up the procedures of compensation for the affected persons to ensure that the rights of consumers are met, pointing out that it has decided to open the center again so as not to jeopardize citizens who have cars in the center of the agency.
The MCI wants to confirm that this lawsuit has not ended yet, adding “The Ministry is still completing its procedures to submit the lawsuit to the authority entitled to apply the penalties of violating the Law of Commercial Agencies.”
Within the same vein, the Ministry wants to confirm that it applies the Royal Order instructing to control markets, impose penalties on violators, defame them, and “put the citizen's interest above all else.”
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018