MCI Destroys Spoiled, Expired Foodstuffs, at Al-Jouf Marketplaces

29 Sep 2013
​Following extensive inspection rounds, More than 1700 various commodities, confiscated
MCI inspection destroyed a lot of expired and non-valid human consumption foodstuffs, due to bad storing, at a number of shops and retail stores, at Al-Jouf marketplaces, following confiscation and their owners were called for investigation at MCI headquarters, in order to apply regulations against them.
The on the spot confiscation as well as the destruction, took place following extensive rounds by the inspection field rounds at shops, to guarantee the safety of foodstuffs displayed for consumer, along with the direct reports made to MCI.
Seized items included more than various 1700 foodstuffs and as many as 400kg of rotten pastes, while it appeared that there are other damaged commodities, due to bad storing and non-abidance by the set sanitary conditions.
MCI reaffirmed that it will continue with such inspection rounds, in marketplaces, foodstuffs' warehouses and installations to check abidance by regulation set forth for storing, being free of cheating and deceiving practices against consumers, through exploiting buying spree to sell and market rotten and expired products. 
The public to report  complaints and remarks to Reports Center of MCI, are requested to call: 800 124 1616.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018