MCI Closes Deceiving Perfumes' Factory, Promoting them with "Made in France" Labels

28 Aug 2013
At the Jeddah-based den, 72 thousand bottles ready to be sold confiscated, owner investigated
MCI closed a local perfume distillation web, in Al-Khumrah, Southern Jeddah, which is used to distillation and cheating locally made perfumes and promoting them with Made in France labels, in the local market. As many as 72 thousand bottles were confiscated, while ready to be distributed in the local marketplaces.
Specimen of the perfumes were sent to laboratories for analysis before destruction and the owner has been brought to investigation, in order to submit the case to the Prosecution and Investigation Bureau.
The closure followed a storming of MCI teams, during a routine inspection round, the factory which lies on 1800 Sq.m. in a crowded area of warehouses, while inspector found besides, as many as 1600 labels of Made in France, a printer of them, 200 barrels of perfume oil, each of 50 kg. capacity.
This is a day broad light hoax, deception of consumer and a fraud against the nature of the products and counterfeit of goods, MCI remarked.
 It appeared with the confiscation of these violating quantities that the factory is producing a number of brands under such names of Al-Hajar Al-Aswad, Hajjar Al-Ka'aba, Janat Al-Firdus, in addition to other brands which it promotes for Made in France renowned brands, as the factory is coordinating with a number of dealers to distribute them for shops, across the governorate, under that false claim.
MCI  has pointed out that these on-field inspection rounds on factories and markets, aim at a free misleading market practices and behavior that harm the consumer, via ongoing leading of fraud and, frequent, displaying counterfeit goods and commodities, across the Kingdom.
The public is invited to report their complaints and remarks to Reports Center of MCI and call phone: 800 124 1616.
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