The Minister of Commerce and Industry meets with the head of Hyundai Motors and Kia officials in Korea.

24 Oct 2013
The Minister of MCI had held a meeting in the city of Seoul – Korea  with the President of Hyundai Motors and officials in Kia in order to continue the communication with the car  manufacturers to improve their services in Saudi Arabia. During the meeting, the Minister confirmed  the need to open independent offices for them in the Kingdom aim to increase the proportion of satisfaction of their clients and to establish call centers to serve the consumers directly and to listen to their views and comments about the services provided, stressing at the meetings on the importance of after-sales services and improving customers satisfaction rate.
The Minister briefed the two officials on the results of the questionnaire about the level of consumers satisfaction and dissatisfaction on the after-sale services, the  spare parts prices and the level of service coverage .

He mentioned to them that the next survey will be conducted after two months, and that the MCI would continue to conduct the questionnaire twice a year to measure the improvement of providing services to the consumers, and MCI  will also continue to communicate with other manufacturers directly.

This came after the MCI had carried out communication and meeting with Ford, GM and Chrysler in the United States last June for the same purpose.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry published in the second quarter of this year, the results of a questionnaire conducted to measure the level of satisfaction with the car agencies services in Saudi Arabia, where it showed that 61% percent of consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the level of services provided , compared to 11% percent who expressed their satisfaction, while 28% percent said they were satisfied to some extent.

Therefore, MCI  announced at that time about its intention to communicate with the manufacturers to inform them of the results of the questionnaire , saying it would ask these companies to have a direct presence in the Kingdom for the supervision and follow - up on the performance of their agents to ensure the improvement and raising the level of services provided to consumers.

The Ministry said it had adopted a questionnaire to measure the level of satisfaction with the  car agencies performance beginning of January and July of each year, so as to monitor the performance of agencies and to ensure that the consumers satisfaction rate would be improved continuously.
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