MCI Demolishes Counterfeit, Harmful to Consumer Safety Items at Marketplaces, in Mazahmiyah

22 Jul 2013
​ Among are items without commercial data and other related to fictitious establishments on the run
Inspection teams of MCI destroyed, recently, some counterfeit as well as expired commodities and items, harmful to consumer's health displayed at marketplaces and perfumes' shops, in Mazahmiyah governorate and recalled their managers.
Destroyed items, included oils, hair crèmes, cosmetics for complexion, body perfumes, herbal mixes and various varieties of harmful eyeliners, in addition to Zamzam water, allegedly blessed by some anonymous persons. 
It appeared that a lot of items were lacking commercial data, thus it were, directly, confiscated and destroyed.
Seizure of these items, resulted of inspection rounds by MCI teams, recently, at marketplaces to guarantee the safety of displayed commodities and items, at Mazahmiyah's marketplaces.
 Investigation with the owners and managers of these offending shops, exposed buying these items from hawkers, who provide them with commercial data of fictitious foundations, which till now are on the run, while MCI is doing its best to bring them to the law.
 Sale of counterfeit and harmful commodities, especially those claiming curing of diseases, are among punishable acts as set forth by the commercial rules, which stipulate confiscating and destroying them.
On the other hand, MCI reaffirmed that it will continue with such inspection round, in marketplaces, warehouses and installations to guarantee malpractices' free markets, such as cheating and deceiving, in general.
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