The Real estate Contribution Committee at MCI put 83 pieces of land at auction in the scheme of " Dorrat Al Jouf " in Sakaka district.

22 Oct 2013
With an area of more than 54 thousand square meters, the Real estate Contributions Committee put 83 pieces of land in Al Joufin  public auction.
MCI  Real estate Contribution Committee is putting 83  pieces of land in the scheme of Dorrat Al Jouf in Sakaka at auction which will be held next Wednesday 25 / 12 / 1434 AH at the hall of Al Nazil  Hotel in Sakaka at 4 p.m. if God willing.

These pieces of land, which have a total area of over 54,500 square meters , are located near to educational and health facilities , ​each piece of land is ranging in area about  (475 to 700 m 2 ) . This site is considered one of the most prominent sites in Sakaka for its height in the district level and it is near the project of Technical College for Girls and it has modern streets which are executed by Sakaka Municipality recently. These streets have the width of ( 30 - 25 - 20 - 15) meters. This scheme has been certified  and developed and it is very close to the educational, health and entertainment projects.

The Committee pointed out that one of the conditions of the award in the auction is issuing  a check on behalf of the Real estate Contribution Committee by 90 % of the value of the land and a check for the value of the pursuit for the marketing company and the balance will be paid during taking over  .

It is worth mentioning that the auction for  Dorrat Al Jouf scheme is the  fifth hosted by Real estate Contribution Committee at MCI  after the success of the previous auctions earlier this year, in addition to its success in the liquidation of a number of other contributions through direct sales as a prelusion for the highest re- equity for contributors as soon as possible .
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