MCI Resumes Field Rounds to Monitor Shops' Abidance by "Take your money back, in Cash, not in kind" Campaign

15 Aug 2013
On Saturday 10/10/1434 AH
MCI is set to verify abidance of shops by the goals set forth in a, recently, launched campaign under the motto: Take back your money, in cash (not in kind) campaign, which raises consumer's right to take his money back, in cash not in kind, following paying the fixed price of an item (to take the change in SR coins). Violation shall lead to impose fines on offending shops.
The move followed MCI coordination with Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), to provide enough of coins, through commercial banks, in order that MCI may hold violating shops, which do not provide change, accountable, while SAMA, for its part, will punish banks, on failing to provide it for shops.
Previously, SAMA has reaffirmed abundance availability of coins in the commercial banks, henceforth, there is no excuse for shops, not to deal with them. MCI, consequently, announced starting compelling shops to provide all categories of coins.
In the light of that, MCI embarked, previously, in an awareness campaign to assert commitment to paying back the remains, in cash, for customers, who are entitled to report shops' violations to the Consumer's Reports' Center.
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