The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has destroyed 1,300 kg of rotten meat and 1000 loaves of moldy bread at the Holy Sites

13 Oct 2013
Through the intensive inspection tours carried out by MCI teams to ensure food safety and consumers protection, 1300 kg of rotten uncooked chicken and lean meat, unfit for human consumption for bad storage, exposure to sunlight, and change in their properties, were seized, confiscated and destroyed immediately at the Holy Sites this Hajj season 1434H.

The inspection teams had Seized as well 1,000 loaves of rotten, moldy and fungus bread due to poor storage, where they were also destroyed immediately and the necessary legal procedures had been taken against violators. 
That came out after the inspection teams had intensified their field control work in the Holy Sites in order to protect the pilgrims of any hazards which they may be exposed to by eating corrupted foods, in addition to control  all goods and products offered for sale to ensure their validity, and to ensure that there is no exploitation by sellers  during the pilgrimage season through promotion of harmful foods .

MCI confirms that it will  continue its inspection tours in all parts of the Kingdom and particularly in Mecca and the Holy Sites .

MCI also emphasizes that it will not tolerate in the application of rules and regulations to save the rights of dealers and consumers , and it will respond to all reports around the clock and will take all necessary measures to implement that.

MCI also notes that it will continue the cooperation with all government departments to ensure the application of the regulations and to preserve the rights of consumers for the public welfare .

All consumers are kindly requested to submit their reports and complaints to Consumer Reports  center on the phone NO. (800 124 1616 ) .​
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018