The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is preparing for the Hajj season by following-up the provision of food commodities and controlling the markets.

09 Oct 2013
MCI is fully ready for Al Hajj season and an integrated plan has been prepared in coordination with the concerned authorities.

MCI has pointed out that the  preparations for the pilgrimage season this year 1434 AH has been completed through an integrated plan included a number of goals such as  following-up the provision of foodstuffs and catering , and making intensified control work on the shops and food stands  in  Mecca , Medina , and the related Holy Sites there , to ensure the quality ,the prices and the validity of foodstuffs  offered for sale, as well as the provision of sufficient stocks of food commodities to meet any urgent demand. 

To achieve the objectives of the plan MCI has put a number of work programs to be implemented , first to do intensive on- field tours to follow-up the provisions of food commodities and identifying the target number of Refrigerators carrying foodstuffs to be entered to the Holy Sites , and monitoring petrol stations and shops selling and changing tires , in addition to stores that sell jewelry and precious metals. 

MCI has followed up the provisions and supply of food commodities through coordination with the public security, the Secretariat of the Holy City and the Watering Commission in Mecca , where it was determined the required number of  refrigerated units ( 40 feet capacity)carrying food commodities and the procedures of giving permits for such units to enter the Holy Sites .

The total number of target refrigerators to be entered the Holy Sites according to the plan of MCI during the pilgrimage season this year : 141 units of which 51 units in Mina , 80 units in Mount Arafat , 10 units in  Muzdalifah , in addition to identifying the target number of shops and food stands providing meals and foodstuffs in the Holy Sites to be ( 430 ) including 260 shops in Mina , 100 at Arafat , 70 in Muzdalifah. 

The concerned authorities in MCI have held several meetings with the owners of companies and establishments that provide food and catering services in the Holy Sites during the pilgrimage season , it was estimated that the number of meals ready- cooked ,uncooked ,hot and cold to be provided by such companies to reach more than 6 million meals. 
The target number of food tour vehicles to be given permits in the Holy Sites to be around 2000 vehicles .

MCI plan has focused on creating all the necessary means to serve the pilgrims in Mecca ,Medina and the Holy Sites since their arrival to perform Al Hajj , by making control  field tour  to follow up the food commodities and to ensure the validity and quality of such  food in Mecca , Medina, Jeddah , Taif and the Holy Sites and the confiscation and destruction of unfit or rotten commodities   and taking necessary action about them . 

Among the most prominent tasks of the inspection field teams,  to monitor shops , commercial stands ,refrigerators  and food transport vehicles located in their specific sites and to ensure the validity ,quality and prices of such items offered for sale.  

MCI inspection teams functions include that all cooked meals , uncooked, foodstuffs displayed in stands, refrigerators units, food touring cars and bakeries are available and to facilitate the supply of all needed commodities through the coordination with the food supply follow up committee in addition to solving any shortage in the food supply. 
MCI has prepared a follow - up program for jewelry and precious metals shops to ensure the calibration and weights of such items , and not to display jewelries or designs contrary to Islamic traditions . 
MCI has made as well a follow-up program to check the gas stations especially those located in the roads between the Holy Cities to ensure the calibration of their gas pumps and not mixing the fuel with othermaterials , in addition to follow-up the shops which sell or replace car tires to ensure the quality and suitability and to confiscate any used or expired tires  .  

At the end of its  statement, MCI confirms its readiness to cope with any emergency situations - God forbid - where the Ministry has prepared an alternative plan for emergency situations in addition to its overall one for the pilgrimage season ,  all officials are directed for  the implementation of these plans and to exert the maximum efforts  and harness all the potentials and  energies and to make cooperation with other relevant authorities , so as to provide the best services to the pilgrims .
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