The Ministry of Commerce and Industry continues its inspection campaign on counterfeit and fake electrical appliances and confiscated 20 thousands sets.

06 Oct 2013
Closing shops in Batha-Riyadh .. And finding  documents reveal cases of commercial Tester .

MCI continues its inspection campaign on shops specialized in selling electrical appliances ,electronics and mobile phones ,   the campaign has resulted in the confiscation and destruction of more than 20 thousands of connections , plugs , links , and electrical Chargers  non-conforming to the Saudi specifications and standards , which represents a risk to the consumer.

MCI  also closed  two shops in the markets of Batha during the raids , summoned a number of other owners of the shops to investigate the irregularities of commercial fraud.

The inspection tours resulted in monitoring some shops that have suspected cover-up business,  amounts of money have been found , seals of some establishments with the hands of foreign staff, foreign seals as well , checks signed in blank , some shops  use checks as a guarantee for manpower to supply goods in all parts of the Kingdom , where they have been referred to the commercial tester management  to complete the investigation with them.

MCI tries through its campaign to limit the sale of counterfeit and fake electric and electronic appliances which  represents a serious risk to the life of the consumer , and it tries as well to detect  methods of circumvention that are played on the consumer. 

MCI is working in full cooperation with the Customs Department and the Saudi specifications and standards commission to follow up the fake items and track their distributors and importers to take necessary action against them, so as to ensure that there are no fake  equipment and materials in the local market , and there is no smuggling through the ports, and there is no manipulation in the conformity   certificates in the country of origin.

MCI stresses that it will not tolerate touting fake or counterfeit goods , particularly that threaten the health and safety of the consumer and it will take the right official sanctions . 

MCI also emphasizes that it will continue making inspection tours on markets , warehouses , shops, factories and all commercial establishments, to ensure that they are running in a regular and official way.   MCI calls for all consumers to report cases of fraud and counterfeiting through the Report center at the Ministry on the number 8001241616 .
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018