The Ministry of Commerce and Industry obliges Toyota and its local agent installing Override Brake System

05 Oct 2013

By Implementing the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques that the interests of citizens would be considered above all and special attention should be given to the safety of citizens and  protection of consumers , MCI ​has obliged Toyota International co. and its local agent Abdul LatifJamil Co.  to make a campaign for installing Override Brake system  on all Toyota cars in K.S.A.  so as to reduce the risk of driving cars at high speeds without the ability of the driver to stop or control it, this is in line with what has been adopted by the Japanese company in the United States recently , stressing that MCI would oblige every manufacturing company  taking similar international action to be applied in K.S.A. as well  , and it will take all necessary measures to ensure and warrant the rights of Saudi consumer in line with what is being offered to the international consumers. 

MCI has pointed out that the installation of  Override Brake system is a preventive measure to maintain the safety of motorists and drivers in the Kingdom and it does not require taking any actions by consumers currently until the announcement of the campaign by the manufacturer and its local agent.

MCI said that the preventive action which  Toyota and Abdul LatifJamil have been compelled with will lead to the installation of Override Brake System on all cars covered by this procedure , which works to reduce the acceleration of the engine automatically until the full stop of the vehicle in the event of pressing on the brakes for a continuous period regardless of the status of the accelerator which may be hit by the suspension or disruption for any reason.
The obligation includes conducting an awareness campaign on how to use the system effectively and how to deal with cases of sudden acceleration that may happen without the will of the commander of the vehicle accompanied by the inability to control or stop it. 

MCI confirmed that Toyota Co. and its local agent have been obliged to install the preventive system after exhausting all  voluntary procedures during the past period and after the announcement of the Japanese company’s recent  procedures in the United States which had been approved by the American justice at the end of last month , noting that it would require other manufacturers of the same procedure to customers in K.S.A. in case it has been proved to the ministry that they had applied similar procedures internationally.

MCI said it is carefully following up the developments in the field of safety and quality of cars globally, and it will take all necessary measures to reduce the risk to the lives and safety of consumers , in the  ministry 's efforts on the application of the regulations and promoting the level of services and achieving the highest standards of consumer protection.                                     
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018