His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Industry inaugurates the website for the Saudi Commission of the accredited evaluators

03 Nov 2013
His Excellency the Minister of MCI and the Chairman of the Saudi Commission for the accredited evaluators Dr. TAWFIG FAWZAN ALRABIAH inaugura​ted  the website of the Saudi Commission for the accredited evaluators " TAQEEM " on the Internet under the link WWW.TAQEEM.GOV.SA 

 This site contains a number of identification and regulatory items and specialized questionnaires to help the Saudi Commission to formulate its programs and improve its performance. The site gives an opportunity to those who want to express their views and their entries on the site, the executive draft of the Saudi Commission, the Saudi evaluation criteria and the proposed rehabilitation form .

It is worth mentioning that the Saudi Commission for the accredited evaluators was established by the Royal Decree No. (M / 43 ) dated 

( 09/07/1433 H ) which set the following objectives :

1. Preparing, developing and adopting of unified standards for the assessment community branches, and the criteria for each branch ( Real Estate , economic facilities , equipment and movable property). 

2. Develop general rules necessary for the exam  to obtain a fellowship certification for each branch of evaluation.

3. Organizing of continuous professional educational courses to develop the level of participants, and to participate in seminars at local and international committees relating to the profession of evaluation.

4. Preparing of research studies and publishing periodicals and books for assessment and  whatever  related to it .

5. Develop appropriate measures to the field control  to make sure that the accredited evaluator is applying the evaluation criteria .

The Secretariat of the Commission has started to exercise its functions by taking the public views on its plans and programs to develop and organize the career assessment, and rehabilitation of those interested in accordance with the best professional, ethical practices and standards to increase the community's trust in the profession of evaluation. The Saudi  Commission urged all evaluators in the Saudi market to register on the website of the Commission and comments through it and its social sites .
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