Quantities of Fraud Rice, Rotten Foodstuffs Confiscated, in Makkah

03 Sep 2013
Among are expired consumer commodities
MCI teams reported a number of a wholesales and shops as they involved in malpractices to cheat consumers, through packing bad quality rice in sacks of world renowned best quality of rice, to mislead shoppers to sell them at high prices.
Seized quantities were confiscated, on the spot, and owners were called to MCI headquarters, to complete legal steps, before submitting the case to investigative authorities.   
Among confiscated items in retailer shops were expired commodities of biscuits, juices, spices and more than various 100 different packs of other expired consumer commodities such as cosmetics and detergents, in addition to confiscating contrabands such as different sizes of replicas of the Holy Mosque of Makkah.  
These inspection rounds has been done, in collaboration with a number of police men, in a number of marketplaces, in order to check the validity of these commodities and in response to reports, to stem malpractices and to protect consumer rights.
MCI confirmed that it will keep with such rounds, in marketplaces, foodstuffs' warehouses, shops, factories and all other trading establishments, to guarantee its legality, being free of malpractices, deceiving shoppers or exploiting rush to buy expired commodities to promote selling of rotten and expired products.  
No leniency shall be expected, the ministry said, in applying legal punishment against those involved in cheating and any activity that would jeopardize the health and safety of consumers.
The public is invited to report their complaints and remarks to Reports' Center of MCI and call phone: 800 124 1616.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018