Counterfeit Bags, Glasses Confiscated, in Jeddah

14 Jul 2013
​Following inspection rounds in marketplaces
MCI has confiscated as many as 1000 counterfeit bags and glasses, from different shops at marketplace, throughout Jeddah.

This quantity has been displayed to be sold as original world renowned brands, a fact that contravene with rules and considered as cheating to deceive consumers by.
The confiscation followed a field rounds by MCI inspection teams and investigation is going on now, with the tradesmen and the main suppliers.
Lacking of labels showing the prices, has been also, noticed, and fines have been imposed, on the spot against the offenders..
The quantity will be destroyed, and legal procedures will be against violators, in order to protect consumers, and to stop selling false or counterfeit commodities.
Jeddah latest step, came as a number of consumers report against these checked in shops, who sell counterfeit world brands, at very expensive prices.
On the other hand, MCI reaffirmed, it will continue with such inspection round, in marketplaces, warehouses and installations to guarantee malpractices' free markets.
MCI calls on the public to report their remarks and complaints to reports' center at MCI and call on no.: 800 124 1616.
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