MCI continues its campaign by closing a third plant for retreading tires in Zulfi, after the closing of two factories in Riyadh, and the continuation of the inspection tours in other districts

01 Dec 2013

MCI in cooperation with the Saudi Standards and Specifications Authority had continued its inspection campaign on all factories specialized in tires retreading in the Kingdom. Riemann factory for retreading tires had been shut down in the province of Zulfi , which is the third closed factory since the start of the MCI campaign , after it became clear to  the inspection teams that there are many violations in  production which  may harm the safety of consumers , the owner was summoned for investigation and to take the necessary procedures .

The most violations that have been monitored and detected are: storage of recyclable tires with the damaged ones that can not be recycled, with poor storage of finished products, keeping some of them at random way  and under the sun , the factory's products are not complying with the Saudi standards and Specifications, the lack of safety systems for the factory and the workers , the production hall lacks of adequate lighting , organization and arrangement.
MCI raids and closing of factories had been carried out after joint efforts and good cooperation between MCI and the Saudi Specifications and standards Authority through intensive field tours to monitor tire retreading plants violation.


MCI had announced earlier the implementation of a comprehensive campaign in all regions of the Kingdom on the retreading tires factories not complying with the Saudi Standards and Specifications, which may cause many fatal accidents to their users - God forbid - , two violating factories had been closed in Riyadh. MCI confirms that it would work on closing the offensive factories and the owners would be summoned for investigation.
The Ministry said that the tours would  include conducting performance tests , make sure of  applying  the correct ways to store recyclable tires  and to  ensure they would  not exist at the sites of damaged ones , check the quality of keeping the finished products , the availability of safety systems for the  factory and the  workers , the quality of adequate lighting , check the organization and arrangement, make sure of the explanatory statements on the product and the indication of origin.


This comes as a result of the MCI efforts during the last period in the seizure and confiscation of used and adulterated tires from the markets, shops and warehouses, which are not complying with the Saudi standard and specifications in order to eliminate the counterfeit tires and to protect the consumers from related harm.
MCI confirms that it would apply the legal penalties against the violating factories which produce counterfeit or copied goods which may cause risks on the consumers, MCI would not tolerate with those promoting such items and it would continue the inspection tours on factories, markets, warehouses and commercial establishments to ensure their proper and regular works.
 MCI calls on all consumers to report their complaints and observations to the Report Center at the Ministry on the phone No. 800 124 1616.
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