MCI prevented the warehouses from selling 2400 expired and counterfeit commodities in the markets of Rabigh

23 Dec 2013
​The inspection campaigns detected violators and promoters of adulterated and counterfeit electrical materials
MCI prevented the warehouses and the commercial Est. from the sale of more than 2,400 expired foodstuffs and consuming items not complying with the Saudi standards and specifications. These items had been seized and confiscated in a number of locations in the Governorate of Rabigh and nearby villages , those involved were summoned for investigation and applying the necessary legal procedures against them.
MCI inspection teams had carried out intensive field rounds on markets, shops and warehouse in Rabigh, as part of the overall campaign, which had been prepared in advance, in order to verify the integrity of stored products offered for sale, and to stop the risk of corrupted and adulterated goods that may affect the consumers.
The inspection teams also detected during the inspection tours a number of other violations such as the absence of a price tag, no Arabic on the bills. Legal procedures had been taken against them.
The inspection campaign in Rabigh, which included 65 stores and 7 warehouses, contributed in controlling and detecting more than 1765 expired food items, and 54 cosmetics not complying with the standards and specifications, in addition to violations in 8 shops for the existence of fake and delusive sales.
MCI inspection teams also detected more than 500 pieces of electrical counterfeit materials not complying with the Standards and specifications, including: 126 elec. extensions, and 222 dual transformers, and 190 dual Sockets..
Besides, the inspection teams detected four violated fuel pumps, 45 copied oil filters for "Toyota" brand, counterfeit watches of famous brands, and perfumes not complying with the Islamic morality and values.
MCI would not tolerate with the violators and those involved in the practice of fraud and the sale of corrupted food and consuming goods, and all that put the health and safety of consumers at risk.
MCI also emphasizes that it would continue its inspection tours on the markets, warehouses, shops and factories, to ensure their regular work and the absence of deceit and fraud on consumers, and to stop any exploitation in selling or marketing any expired, counterfeit or adulterated goods.
MCI calls on all the consumers to report their complaints and observations to the Report Center in the Ministry on the phone No. 800 124 1616.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018