As Many as 22,000 Expired Non-edible Foodstuff Units, Destroyed

09 Jun 2013
​Stored in Jeddah-located  Store…submitted to Investigation and Prosecution Bureau
Rounds of MCI field teams destroyed as many as 22 thousand units of various expired food commodities, in a Jeddah-based store, which were displayed for sale and administered by foreign laborers.
The case has been submitted to investigation authorities, to take the proper action against fraud and cheating of consumer, according to applicable law.

MCI has interrogated the runners of the store, before submitting the case, as the selling contravenes with applicable anti-fraud laws.
Foods confiscated and destroyed following inspection rounds, in the southern ends of Jeddah, where there are a lot of wholesales stores, in a pre-emptive action prior to supply it to the market, to take advantage of next coming Ramadan, one of the highest selling seasons, in the Kingdom.
Non abidance by the controls of storing foods, is predominantly  spread in these stores, MCI came noted.
The teams sorted out the units and destroyed the expires, on the spot, and reported the offenders. Confiscated and destroyed units included dairy products, dates, edible oil, soda beverages and other items.       
MCI  has pointed out that these on-field inspection rounds on factories, stores and markets, aim to foster a market free of misleading practices and behavior, that harm the consumer, by cutting short the ongoing leading of fraud and, frequent, displaying of counterfeit goods and commodities, across the Kingdom.
MCI exhorts the public to cooperate through reporting any offence or violation of regulations by calling: (8001241616)
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018