"MCI" to prevent any statements indicating or referring to the names of all kinds of wines in the foodstuffs

06 Nov 2013
Preventing restaurants and hotels using the phrases of " Saudi  Champagne" or " wine"
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has prevented restaurants, buffets, hotels and housing units from using phrases that indicate the names of all kinds  of wines in foodstuffs for violating Islamic law (such as "Saudi Champagne" and "wine" ) . This comes after  the Ministry has noticed  the existence of such phrases in the menus of some restaurants, hotels and housing units, MCI has made coordination with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities .
MCI explained that the Ministry  had received a letter from the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and Chairman of the senior scholars and management of scientific research and advisory, implies that the Standing Committee for Scientific Research and "Ifta" issued a fatwa that it is illegal to use a label or name of wine such as ( Saudi Champagne ) or(wine without alcohol ).
Dealing with such phrases is prohibited because of the similarity even with the names of something (Muharram, not allowed in Islamic Law )  .
MCI stressed that the foodstuffs and their explanatory statements should be conforming with the approved standard specifications and not to describe food items with phrases involving falsification, misleading,  deceiving or leading to a wrong impression in any way .
MCI called on all consumers to cooperate with it and to report any violation to the Complaints and Report Center on the phone No.  ( 800 124 1616 ) .
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018