MCI Seized Five Thousands Counterfeit Consuming Items in the Markets of Taif

06 May 2014
MCI Inspection Teams had seized more than five thousands of counterfeit consuming goods, not complying with the Specifications and Standards in the Central Markets in the province of Taif. The confiscated items included electric parts for the mobile phones, connections and house plugs, where they had been confiscated on the spot as a prelude for destroying them and to carry out the necessary investigation procedures with the violators.

The quantities that were confiscated included more than 3 thousand Mobile Chargers, not complying with the standards and specifications, 1456 electric parts varied between electrical connections, dual plugs contrary to the standards and specifications, in addition to 590 bags , sunglasses, watches and accessories, 25  Mobile covers bearing a registered trademark and 10 posters contrary to the Islamic faith.

The Inspection Teams seized as well 32 vials of indecent perfumes, and 123 expired body creams and perfumes, electronic violations were edited due to the lack of a price tag, and the other relating to the Special Offers and Discounts.

Meanwhile, MCI had seized and destroyed large quantities of anonymous Halawa Humsiyyah (sweetness) , not showing any trade data, which weighs about 1,450 kg placed in 100 bags , by keeping track of the source, it turned out that they belong to one of the companies in the industrial area in the province.

MCI had recently implemented a comprehensive campaign on warehouses and commercial markets through its branches in the regions of the Kingdom, where the Inspection Teams seized large quantities of foodstuffs and consuming goods unfit for use, where they had been destroyed with the closure of the violating shops and calling up those involved to investigation.

MCI emphasizes that it will not tolerate with those promoting fake or counterfeit goods, particularly that threaten the health and safety of the consumer and it will apply the necessary legal penalties against the violators.

MCI calls on all the consumers to report cases of fraud and counterfeiting through the Report Center in the Ministry on the phone No. 800 124 1616.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018