"MCI" won three awards at the Achievement Award for E-government transactions ceremony in its fourth session

31 Aug 2016
As the second accomplishment on a row
Today, Wednesday the 28th Dhul Qadah 1437 AH, corresponding to August 31, 2016, three projects of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment won the Achievement Award for e-government transactions ceremony in its fourth session. The ceremony was organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and MCI is the first government agency that won same awards twice in a row. The awards were won for issuing the commercial register in 180 seconds, Electronic community participation, and Unified supervisor application.

The Achievement Award which is responded by the Electronic government transactions program "Yesser", and aims to honor the creative government projects that have contributed to the transformation of electronic transactions in the Kingdom and service the clients in various fields.

This ministry has won an award in the national economy enforcement field for commercial record registration in 180 seconds. The investors now can issue a commercial register for the wanted business establishment electronically in 180 seconds without any need for presenting a single document in all the kingdom's regions, which is considered the fastest service in the world.

The commercial register service offers the beneficiaries the chance to issue the Chamber of Commerce Association certificate and pays the unified service fees in a single stage action for it is linked electronically after it was considered a two separate services in the past that require different procedures for each.

The electronic commercial register service allows the beneficiaries the possibility of issuance, modification, and renewal of the commercial register without presenting any papers.

MCI won an award in the field of electronic community participation for engaging the public and listening to their opinions and points of views on many projects under the belief of activating the role of the community and enhance its contribution to the ministry activities through public opinion polls program.

Opinion polls were issued on many of MCI projects like regulations, policies, modify regulations and also on customers satisfaction about car agencies and distributors.

The ministry also won an award in the field of electronic services by presenting the unified supervisor application, which is an Integrative model for electric service and a significant transformation in field supervision and inspection of violation. The application aims to increase efficiency, raise business quality to be free of errors, as well as integration and connectivity with other related supervising government agencies.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Commerce and investment is constantly working to develop electronic services through the launch of several services such as issuance of the founding companies contracts electronically, electronic supervising, issuing certificates of origin electronically, and services electronic discount license and other achievements that have been implemented with the highest international standards of quality.

The ministry is currently working on several new electronic services most notably the new electronic services for the companies electronic record that is compatible with the new system for enterprises, and the application of the Ministry of electronic services on smart devices and other electronic services.

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