For Selecting the Trade Name, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment Develops a Technical System, which relates the Words to their Linguistic Roots to be accepted under the Trade Names Electronically

31 Jul 2017
​The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has developed a technical system, based mainly on the Arabic language, where it relates the trade names to their linguistic roots immediately and through an integrated technical system in cooperation with Thiqa Business Services Company.
Through this technical system, the Limited Liability Companies can choose their trade names electronically and immediately via the Ministry’s website.
The service can show easily the similarities among the trade names through several criteria, including that the system automatically and immediately examines and sorts the trade names and show clearly any similarities, if any, to give the final approval or not, all that through an accurate mechanism for selecting and approving the trade names.
This new service, launched by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, is available within the procedures of establishing the Limited Liability Companies, under the article related to the trade name, which can be accessed electronically through the Ministry's website
MCI calls on the companies owners to avoid using non-Arabic names, also names of religious significance, or inappropriate names and those associated with occasions or events. It is advisable as well to avoid using personal or family names
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018