MCI, Continues to Detect Counterfeiters of Auto Parts, who replace the Country of Origin from China to America, Japan and Thailand

31 May 2015
more than 70 thousand Auto Parts were Confiscated in Riyadh
MCI has continued its inspection rounds on the counterfeiters of auto parts in Riyadh. Foreign labors from Asia run a warehouse in Al Faisaliah quarter, south of Riyadh, were counterfeiting the auto spare parts, by replacing the country of origin from China to America, Japan and Thailand. They put them inside boxes bearing famous brands to be marketed as original and of high quality.
MCI had shut down the sites, and those involved were summoned for investigation and taking the legal penalties against them. This is in cooperation and coordination with the joint security campaigns.
MCI inspection teams had tracked down the warehouse, as well as the store involved in selling such fake spare parts, in the Old Industrial District, south of Riyadh, where the fake spare parts were seized at the back side of the store, original spare parts were offered as well in the store to mislead the inspectors.
The confiscated spare parts included more than 70 thousand oil and air filters, as well as more than 160 thousand empty cartons bearing the trademarks of "Toyota" , "Honda" , "Hyundai" , "Ford", "AC Delco" and others.
MCI had announced earlier the closure of a store and a warehouse for Car Accessories in Al Batha, south of Riyadh, resulted in the seizure and confiscation of large numbers of counterfeit parts, where the inspectors monitored fraud and forgery in car lights and the windshield, which were made in "China", and they claimed that they were made in "Germany" and "America", along with putting famous brands on the products to delude the consumers of their quality. All those responsible were summoned for investigation and taking the legal penalties against them.
MCI would like to emphasize that it will not tolerate with those promoting fake or counterfeit goods, particularly that threaten the health and safety of consumers and that it will take the legal penalties against the violators.
MCI also stresses that it will continue its inspection rounds on markets, warehouses, shops, factories and all commercial institutions, to ensure their regular work.
MCI calls on all consumers to report any case of fraud and counterfeiting through the Notification Center in the Ministry on 1900.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018