MC consults comments of interested parties and public on draft consumer protection law

31 Mar 2022


The Ministry of Commerce has, on the basis of sharing and transparency, invited the interested parties and the public to express their views and comments concerning the draft consumer protection law until 14/10/1443 H corresponding to 15/05/2022. 

The ministry said it has prepared a draft consumer protection law to protect and promote the rights of consumers in the Kingdom. The law was drafted after the ministry studied the current condition of the market and practices in order to benefit from the best international experiences and practices. It develops a regulatory framework that addresses challenges while conforming to international standards and rules of consumer protection.

Moreover, it recognized the main consumer rights in accordance with the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection, as well as the requirements for consumer disclosure of information about products or services. The draft law also prohibited unfair and deceptive commercial practices, unfair contract terms, and the establishment of provisions governing remote contracts as well as contracts concluded outside of the economic operator's place of business. It clarifies the terms of comparative advertising, the requirements for advertisement disclosure, and the prohibition of harmful advertisements directed at children.

The draft law specified the warranty provisions as well as the conformity of the product or service to criteria, standards specifications, and quality standards. It strengthened the institutional framework for oversight by defining the provisions for market monitoring along with the appointment and tasks of inspectors. It included the development of methods for consumer dispute resolution that enhance alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

In addition to penal penalties, the draft law provided for administrative penalties if economic operators violated the law's provisions. It comprised corrective measures aimed at protecting consumers from violations by notifying them of the violation and requiring the economic operator to correct its conditions and remove the violation and its consequences.

It seeks to achieve a fair balance of rights and duties between economic operators and consumers, to protect consumers from harmful, defective, violating, or unsafe products and services. It also seeks to disseminate and promote a culture of consumer rights, to educate consumers about their rights and duties, and to encourage a culture of sustainable consumption.

The Ministry invites the interested parties and the general public to comment on the draft law via the unified electronic platform for public and government opinion consultation, which is affiliated with the National Competitiveness Center, at the following link Click here .

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Last Modified 10 Apr 2022