Dr. Al-Rabia'ah Meets with U.S. Big 3 Carmakers' Executives

30 Jun 2013
​Reaffirming Kingdom's Welcoming of Raising Agents Numbers to Best Serve the Consumer
Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. TAWFIG FAWZAN ALRABIAH, held, separately, different meetings with executives of the U.S. big three carmakers, General Motor Corporation, Ford and Chrysler Dodge.
During the meeting, he put them in the picture of the recently concluded questionnaire conducted by MCI to gauge consumer's satisfaction of services accorded to them by agents and dealers as well as the its fares and spare parts' prices.
The minister asked these companies to open independent offices in the Kingdom, apart from the agents, to gauge consumer's satisfaction, listen to their complaints and to assess the services they provide.
Furthermore, the minister asserted the Kingdom pleasure at raising the number of agents across it, as that step would be of interest to all parties, indicating that MCI will keep on conducting such a questionnaire, twice a year, to monitor improvements related to serving consumers.
On the other hand, it will keep also, direct contact with other manufacturers.
For its part, Ford said it has, already opened an office in the Kingdom, in this regard, and that its director will start his works, within the next coming two weeks.
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