More than 650 thousand Defective Products were recalled during 2016 AD, as announced by MCI

30 Jan 2017
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has been endeavoring to recall any products proved to be defective, as per the tests and the international reliable information so that they can be returned or repaired free of charge. A recent statistics issued by MCI Defective Products Recalling Center show the recalling of 652,179 defective products during 2016 AD. These defective products had been advertised through the Ministry’s accounts in the social networking and through the local newspapers. The highest number for recalling defective products was for cars, where 487.651 vehicles had been recalled during 2016 AD.

According to 2016 statistics of the aforementioned center, the total number of MCI campaigns for recalling various defective products reached 208, where the highest number was for vehicles (91 recalling campaigns) while 17 campaigns were launched for electric and electronic appliances, consuming products and others.

Notably, more than 500 advertisements for such recalling products were published in the local newspapers, three ads for each product, in addition to the publication through the Ministry's accounts in the social networking, so that the largest number of consumers can be aware.

The most prominent recalling products during 2016 were Samsung Galaxy Note7 (6186 set) due to a possible defect in the battery, which may cause a fire, as well as recalling 13300 pieces of Apple travelling chargers, because they are liable to be broken and cause an electric shock, also recalling 889 Home Center dining tables, since their outer glass may be broken suddenly.

Among the most prominent recalling of vehicles was for "Lexus" ES, model 2016 (1614 cars), due to a defect in the Anti-lock brake system, which may lead to the unbalance of the car, also recalling 3647 GMC Sierra cars, model 2014-2015, due to a defect in the seat belt fixing unit, which may reduce its effectiveness in case of an accident, in addition to recalling 3684 Nissan Altima cars, model 2014-2015, due to a defect in the engine cover lock, which may be opened suddenly while driving.

The highest number of recalled vehicles was for 44,450 Toyota, Yaris cars, model 2006-2009, due to a defect in the air bag blower, which may work in an unsafe manner. As far as consuming items were concerned, 143,400 packages of "Huggies" diapers were recalled for possible melting of adhesive, and this may lead to the diapers sticking together.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, represented by the Recalling Center, had cooperated with the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization and the Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency for launching a corrective campaign to include 630 Chevrolet, Traverse cars, and 338 GMC, Acadia, due to an error in the actual amount of fuel economy and that shown in the Energy Efficiency Label posted on the new vehicle.

MCI would like to ask all consumers to communicate periodically with the Auto Agent to ensure the safety of their vehicles, and to make sure that they are free of any defects. They are kindly requested as well to update their data and information with the Auto Agent to be informed of any future recalling of their cars, so that their vehicles can be repaired free of charge, regardless of the vehicle’s warranty.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018