MC announces names of four winners of Alras Chamber's elections

29 Nov 2022


The Supervisory Committee in charge of the elections for Alras Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors (1444-1448 H session) announced the results Tuesday evening after voters cast their ballots electronically.

The Electoral Commission of the Chamber's Board of Directors approved four candidates for the election, with the winners being:  Fayez Adhaar Talhab Al-Harbi (796 votes), Faris  Muhammad Salem Al-Harbi (634 votes), Fahd Braik Joud Allah Al-Jubail Al-Mutairi (567 votes), and Sultan Muslat Lafi Al-Harbi (462 votes).

The Electoral Commission confirmed that voting was carried out as per the established mechanism, employing only the most advanced voting and election technology. Those eligible to vote were given the option of voting for the Board of Directors individually or collectively.

In order to increase openness and efficiency in Chamber of Commerce operations, the Ministry of Commerce monitors board elections in accordance with the Chambers of Commerce Law and its Implementing Regulation. The Ministry also keeps tabs on how seriously Chamber of Commerce election candidates adhere to fair competition rules and take the rights of their fellow candidates, such as the pledge not to interfere with their own campaigns.

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Last Modified 30 Nov 2022