Live Chat Service Enhances the Ministry’s Interaction with the Business Sector. More than 300,000 Live Chats had been carried out through this service

31 Oct 2017
Live Chat Service provided by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment has carried out more than 300,000 live chats for serving businessmen and business sector in general, besides responding immediately to their inquiries. All that through the Interactive Smart Services provided by the Ministry's Business Call Center.

This service, which supports the remote businessmen, witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of live chats amounted to (71,430) during 1438H, compared to (56.880) live chats during 1437H, the proportion of increase reached 25.6%.

Meanwhile, the total number of live chats conducted through this service, since its launching in April 2013, reached more than (303.800) by the end of last week.

The Live Chat Service can be availed and accessed through the official MCI website. It is also provided through the Business Call Center, which is considered a link between the Ministry, on one hand, and businessmen and investors, on the other hand.

It is worth mentioning that the Business Call Center, which provides its services through the toll free number (920000667), has carried out more than 2.7 million services for business sector, since its launching in March 2013. These services included, receiving businessmen calls, answering their queries, communicating with them, conducting live chats and providing technical support.

The services related to commercial institutions, trade names, trademarks, companies, advisory professions and commercial agencies accounted for the bulk of the services provided by the said center.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018