MCI, a Spare Part Store Counterfeiting the Country of Origin “Made in China” to “Made in Germany and America" was shut down

29 Mar 2015
​MCI has shut down a store and a warehouse for car accessories in Al Batha, south of Riyadh. Large quantities of counterfeit parts were confiscated. MCI inspectors monitored labors counterfeiting cars lighting and windshield shading that were made in China, by replacing the labels to “Made in Germany and America”. This is done for misleading the consumers of their quality. The owner was summoned for investigation and taking the legal penalties against him.
The details go back when MCI inspection teams have conducted checking rounds resulted in the seizure of large quantities of auto lighting "Xenon" and windshield shading imported from China, where the labors have been removing the country of origin, and it was replaced by “Made in German and America”, some quantities are bearing the brand "Toyota". Four thousand parts of auto lighting and ten thousand meters of windshield shading have been confiscated, in addition to more than 200 thousand fake posters used for fraud and deceiving the consumers.
This confiscation came after the Ministry had carried out inspection tours on auto parts shops in Riyadh to check and verify the quality of the parts offered for sale, and how far they comply with the Saudi Specifications and Standards, as well as to respond to notifications reported by consumers in cooperation and coordination with the joint security campaigns.
It is worth mentioning that MCI has recently implemented a comprehensive campaign on markets through its branches in the Kingdom to confiscate counterfeit and fake goods, where large quantities had been detected and then destroyed, also the stores were shut down and those involved were summoned for investigation.
MCI stresses that it will not tolerate with those marketing fake or counterfeit goods, particularly that threaten the health and safety of consumers, and the legal penalties would be taken against the violators.
The Ministry also emphasizes the continuation of its inspection rounds on markets, warehouses, shops, factories and all commercial institutions, to verify their regular works.
MCI calls on all the consumers to report about fraud and counterfeiting cases through the Notification Center at the Ministry, via the toll-free number 1900.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018