MCI, Closing a Warehouse Containing Counterfeit Spare Parts and Seizing 25 thousand Parts in Riyadh

28 Dec 2014
​Forging the Country of Origin, Those Involved were Summoned for Investigation and Taking the Necessary Procedures
MCI Control Teams closed a warehouse in the old industrial district south of Riyadh, after being involved in forging the country of origin for auto parts by putting posters for famous trading brands, it became clear to the inspectors that the spare parts were imported from China and then the country of origin was forged and replaced with a phrase reading "Made in U.S.A. "in order to be distributed into the local market, claiming that such parts are genuine, and thus cheating the consumers. MCI summoned those involved for investigation and applying the statutory penalties against them.
The details go back when the MCI Control Teams conducted Inspection Rounds in cooperation and coordination with the joint security campaigns, where a store and a warehouse were detected belonging to one of the Establishments specialized in spare parts. MCI confiscated 25 thousand counterfeit pieces of "oil filters" bearing famous brands such as ”AC Delco" ,"Honda ", " Nissan " and" Toyota ", in addition to 85 thousand posters, and 35 thousand cartons for external packaging bearing the same brands.
During the site inspection, it had been found out the existence of original oil filters inside the store, for keeping the suspicion away, while the counterfeit parts were put inside the warehouse, to be sold and marketed to consumers in large quantities.
MCI has recently carried out a comprehensive inspection campaigns on warehouses and shops in various parts of the Kingdom to confiscate the counterfeit and fake commodities, where large quantities were seized and confiscated , with the closure of the violating shops, and those involved were summoned for investigation and applying the necessary penalties against them.
MCI emphasizes the continuation of its inspection rounds on markets, warehouses, shops, factories and all commercial institutions, to ensure their regular works.
MCI also calls on all the consumers to report their complaints and observation to the Notification Center in the Ministry through the toll-free number 1900.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018