Imposing Stern Measures on Commercial Institutions Employing Violators of Residence & Labor Law, as part of the Comprehensive National Campaign "A Homeland without Illegal Expat", as announced by MCI

28 May 2017
​It is Highly Important for Traders and Manufacturers to be committed to the Regulations and Stop any Violations in that Regard
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has issued a circular to the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry to participate with the security authorities in the Comprehensive National Campaign “ A Homeland without Illegal Expat” to track and control the violators of residence and labor regulations, as well as the borders security system. MCI informed the Council of Saudi Chambers to address the chambers staff, traders and manufacturers to complete the necessary procedures to eliminate any violations related to illegal expatriates during the specified deadline.
MCI confirmed in its circular that all concerned parties should not employ the illegal expat who violates the residence and labor regulations in any way, and to check the expat documents and to ensure that they do not violate the residence and labor regulations, when dealing with them for any reason, in addition not to give shelter or home to any illegal expat or to practice cover-up for them in any way, also not to allow the expat to work for his own account.
MCI stressed that all the concerned parties, participating in the Comprehensive National Campaign "A Homeland without Illegal Expat" should take stern measures against the commercial institutions that employ illegal expat. Any party proved to employ, transport or give shelter to illegal expat would be subject to statutory punishment.
It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Commerce and Investment is participating, with other 19 government authorities, in the implementation of the National Campaign against the illegal expat. The said campaign aims to resolve the situation of those who violate the residence, labor and borders security law, and to assist those who wish to end their violation, and to exempt them from the relevant penalties during the time limit given to them (90 days, From 1 Rajab 1438 H corresponding to 29 March 2017 AD).
The National Campaign "A Homeland without Illegal Expat" launched by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince and Minister of Interior, aims to grant the violators of the residence and labor law in the Kingdom, the opportunity to benefit from the said campaign and leave the Kingdom on their own will, and to exempt them from any fees or fines, and they would be free from any effects relevant to (Murah’hil) finger print, with the possibility of returning to work in the Kingdom by the regular and official means.
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