MCI inspection teams raided warehouses and confiscated 900 thousand of counterfeit electric pieces in the Eastern Region

28 Jan 2014
​Labors were detected repacking electric items acquired from the remaining of a burned warehouse on purpose of reselling them
MCI continued its inspection on  the imitative  electrical appliances stores, where four warehouses were  closed in Dammam and Al-Ahsa , 900 thousand of electric counterfeit and imitative pieces contrary to the Saudi Standards and Specifications  were detected and confiscated, the owners were summoned for investigation and taking the necessary statutory action against them.
This comes in the context of extensive field rounds carried out by MCI inspection teams on all goods and products offered for sale in various Regions of the Kingdom, of which are the electrical appliances including the counterfeit and imitative electric connections and plugs which may be of serious risk to users especially  the pilgrims .
The confiscated items included  700 thousand counterfeit and imitative electric pieces contrary to the Saudi Standards and Specifications , in addition to 200 thousand pieces found from the remaining  of a burned warehouse, where the workers were cleaning  and repackaging  them  in order to be marketed and sold  to the consumers .
MCI  has recently implemented a comprehensive campaigns on the  markets through its branches in the Regions of the Kingdom to confiscate imitative electric items, where large quantities of adulterated and counterfeit items were seized and  destroyed, with the closure of the violated shops and those  involved were summoned for  investigation .
The Ministry aims of its campaign to limit the sale of counterfeit and adulterated  electric and electronic appliances which represent a serious risk to the life of the consumer, and to detect the fraud  methods on the consumer.
The Ministry stresses that it will not tolerate with those  promoting  fake or counterfeit goods , particularly the ones threaten the health and safety of the consumer and it will apply the necessary statutory action against them.
MCI also confirms that it will continue the inspection tours on markets, warehouses, shops, factories and all commercial establishments to make sure of their regular works.
MCI calls on all the consumers to report cases of fraud and counterfeiting through the Report Center in the Ministry on the phone No. 800 124 1616.
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