MCI Sets New Dept. for Industrial Follow up to Stop Factories' Violations

27 Apr 2013

​MCI sets up a new department for industrial follow up, recently, to check and stop factories' violations, in pursuance of cementing overseeing of the industrial sector, raising awareness among and to be ascertained of its compliance with regulations applicable, in the Kingdom.

The step aims also to report offenders and those who are manipulating licenses and products, and punish them, accordingly.
In addition, among its new assignments, there are collecting accurate and precise data and improving the industrial environment and clearing it of blundering, through enhancing cooperation with investors, in order to promote the sector and consolidate it, to serve the national economy, as that would make a quantum leap, in the mechanisms of control and supervising this crucial sector.
The move goes in tandem with the ongoing upgrading of MCI, aiming at setting up effective and efficient departments, to oversee, stimulate, raise awareness and reactivate related regulations, in addition to establish a solid and up-to-date data-base, on the sector.
Follow up dept. spared neither time nor effort, as it embarked on a comprehensive survey of productive as well as non- productive factories, within a wider perspective to identify factories, in regard of working according to the licenses and non-activated licenses, through a highly qualified national teams, in the domain of industry and follow up.
MCI is betting on using high techs tools, such as iPads, to report all data, including images, electronically, as field inspectors keep paying visits, regularly, to factories.
Thus, they managed to put coordinates on the sites of these factories, in a way that facilitate access of inspectors to the sites, again, without contacting investors. 
Field inspectors contributes contribute to raising awareness of industrial investors, telling them that they are there to serve and defend them against manipulators and other polluters of their environment, to achieve the ultimate goal of founding a genuine partnership between the industrial sector and MCI, and by extension, with other pertinent government bodies, in order to overcome all obstacles that may face investments at the sector..
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