Ten Corporate E-Services are being Provided by MCI

27 Dec 2017
Most Notably: Starting up a Company, Renewal of C.R., Assigning Trade Name and Contracts Amendment
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has launched 10 e-services in the developed version of the corporate e-system, thus all the beneficiaries can access all corporate e-services through the e-services portal, via the link com.cr.sa.

This service comes as part of the initiatives launched by the Ministry in cooperation with its strategic partner, Thiqa Business Services Company, to serve the commercial and investment sectors in the Kingdom. As well as to empower and promote the private sector, also to ease and facilitate the procedures for starting up and practicing a business, in addition to stimulating the investment environment.

The Corporate E-Services include starting up a company, renewal of C.R., assigning the trade name, updating the record of shareholders, participation in chambers of commerce, amendment of partners' contracts, updating of data, electronic association system, online power of attorney, publishing in (“A’mali” “My Business”) newspaper.

The new electronic system is characterized by a modern design that reflects the Ministry's interest in enriching the user experience and making the beneficiaries avail of its services smoothly and easily, besides facilitating the way for the users to access the corporate e-services.

MCI calls on all beneficiaries to access the Corporate E-Services Portal, to avail of all the services provided on the website (com.cr.sa​), without the need to attend any of the Ministry’s branches. 
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018