MCI Inspection Teams Confiscated more than four thousand Toys Containing Electric Detonators, Sharp Tools and Laser

27 Dec 2016
MCI Inspection Campaign on toys shops resulted in detecting 185 violations and the confiscation of more than four thousand toys non-conforming with the approved Saudi Standard Specifications.
Meanwhile, MCI Inspection Teams have recently intensified their control tours on toys shops in various regions of the Kingdom. Consequently, 3490 stores had been inspected, resulted in the confiscation of 4293 toys.
During the Inspection Campaign, MCI inspectors monitored some violations of the Rules & Regulations related to toys, such as   the lack of safety instructions in the Arabic language, the toys for children under three years do not bear any warning, some toys contain laser and electric detonators, also pens containing hidden sharp knives, lack of price tags, beside refraining of giving the necessary bill.
Notably, MCI proceeds in detecting and confiscating the toys non-conforming with the approved Saudi Standard Specifications, since they pose a risk to the safety of their users, beside taking the necessary statutory procedures against the stores not committed with the R&R and the Law of Combating Commercial Fraud, where presenting or offering any products in violation of the said R&R would be considered a violation requiring a fine of up to Five hundred thousand riyals or imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years or both.
The Ministry would like to call on all consumers to lodge their complaints through MCI Consumer Call Center 1900, or through the application of a Commercial Violation Report via their smart phones.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018