MCI, Inspection Campaigns to Ensure the Quality and Safety of Home Heating Devices

27 Dec 2015
Proceeding from MCI role in combating adulterated and counterfeit goods, to ensure that the markets are free of such harmful items, and within MCI on- going inspection rounds on commercial institutions and markets, the Ministry of Commerce & Industry has started on Sunday, 16.03.1437 AH until 20.03.1437 AH to implement inspection rounds on the sale outlets of home heating devices "electric heaters", and on the relevant warehouses, in various regions of the Kingdom. This is to verify the conformity of such heating devices, offered in the local market, with the Saudi standard specifications.

The Ministry said that the inspection rounds would focus on the availability of data label and the price tag on all electric heaters, also the voltage should be 220 volts, the capacity not to exceed 2500 watts, as well as granting the buyer a two year guarantee, ensuring that there is no difference or misleading between the data entries on the outer packaging "carton" and the other stated on the stove itself, and that the user guide or the instructions to be written in Arabic.

MCI has launched an awareness bulletin, in conjunction with the inspection campaign, through which the Ministry urges the consumers to buy the safest electric heater, so as to include off- button in case of falling, the electric heater is protected to prevent the children hands entry to the hazardous places, with emphasis on having a two year warranty for any heater, also the recommendation of buying from reliable, well-known commercial institutions.

MCI calls on all consumers to report about any heating devices in violation of the above conditions, this is in view of the dangers posed on their safety, through the toll free number 1900, or through the application of a Commercial Notification.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018