The Saudi Delegation of Trade Combination Meets the Malaysian Investment, Exports and Small Enterprises Authorities

27 Feb 2017
​On the sidelines visit of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to Malaysia, the delegation of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment Combination meets today, at kola Lambor, the Malaysian Investment Authority, Malaysian Export Development Authority, Malaysian SMEs, as well as the A Gene Company for Medical Information Technology. Various aspects of cooperation and the promotion of investment have been discussed during the four separate meetings.
The said delegation presented an explanation about the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and the available investment opportunities in the   Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, besides reviewing the investment incentives in the kingdom, including allowing full ownership for foreign companies.
The said delegation has met the Malaysian Investment Authority, and the Malaysian   Export Development Authority. Both sides discussed the ways of stimulating and boosting trade and investment, besides reviewing the structure and the functions of the MCI combination together with the two Malaysian Authorities.
The Malaysian Investment Authority expressed its interest for cooperation in the field of attracting the investment from and to both countries, in the field of information technology, logistics, and electronic industries.
During the meeting with the Malaysian Investment Authority, the delegation of MCI combination listened to an explanation of its functions, which are summarized in giving licenses for enterprises, industrial projects evaluation, developing motivational investment policies, improving the investment environment, supporting enterprises, in addition to promoting investment in both directions from and to Malaysia.
Malaysian Export Development Authority also expressed its desire to export and import from Saudi Arabia, pointing out that they have got a trading office in Jeddah, besides 36 offices worldwide and 11 marketing offices.
In a related context, the MCI delegation met with A Gene company for medical IT, operating in the field of e-anatomy. During the meeting, the investment opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were presented and reviewed, in an effort to attract the Malaysian company to work in the Kingdom.
The Malaysian company gave an explanation of its operations in the field of e-anatomy to replace the conventional anatomy, as well as the three-dimensional human organs printing, pointing out that Malaysia has been using this technique for 4 years.
Meanwhile, the Governor of the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises, Dr. Ghassan Al-Sulaiman, met the chairman of the Malaysian Board of Directors for Small and Medium Enterprises Authority. During the meeting, both sides reviewed the Malaysian expertise in the field of SME, which extends to 20 years.
During the visit to the Malaysian Strategic and Economic Studies & Research Center, Dr. Al Sulaiman had got an idea about the experience for promoting exports of Malaysian industries and services, related to small and medium enterprises, as well as the Malaysian experience in the field of economic research and the public policies and strategies.
It is worth mentioning that the Trade and Investment Combination, participating in the said delegation, include the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, the General Authority for Investment and the General Authority for Small & Medium Enterprises.

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