H.E. the Minister Meets Head of Honda Motor Corporation and Emphasizes the Need for Giving more Interest to the Saudi Clients

27 Feb 2014

​H.E. the Minister of Commerce and Industry had held a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Honda, Fumi Heiko and a group of executives in the company as part of several visits recently made by His Excellency for a number of Japanese companies, manufacturers and investors in the Kingdom, where H.E. assured them of the need for giving more interest and care to the clients, as well as the need to open  separate offices for them in the Kingdom aiming at measuring the satisfaction of their customers,  listening to their complaints and assess the level of services provided.

H.E. briefed the company`s officials on the preliminary results of the 2nd  questionnaire  about the level of the consumers satisfaction, expressing at the same time that the Kingdom welcomes the increase in the number of agents in the Kingdom, and this is for sure serving their goals for providing better services to the clients.
The Chairman of the Honda Board of Directors explains that Honda Corp. Is keen to provide better services to the customers in the Kingdom.
It is worth mentioning that H.E. the Minister of MCI has been carrying out several visits to Japanese manufacturing and investing companies in the Kingdom, this is within the delegation accompanying the visit to Japan by Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. 
Moreover, this meeting came within the communications carried out by MCI with the manufacturers. H.E. the Minister had already met with a number of manufacturers including " Isuzu "  " Toyota " “ Nissan” in  Japan , and " Ford " , " GM " " Chrysler " in U.S.A. , and" Kia " " Hyundai " in South Korea for the same purpose .
MCI had published last year the results of a questionnaire conducted by the Ministry to monitor the level of satisfaction with the services of Cars Agents in the Kingdom, the survey pointed out  that 61% percent of consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the level of services provided versus 11% per cent expressed their satisfaction, while 28% per cent said they were satisfied to some extent.
MCI announced its intention at that time to communicate with the manufacturers to inform them about the results of the questionnaire, saying it would ask these companies to have direct presence in the Kingdom for supervision, follow-up and to monitor the performance of their agents, in order to improve and raise the level of services provided to consumers.
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