MCI published a questionnaire on its website to measure the customers satisfaction with car agencies

27 Jan 2014

​MCI Called on all members of the community to participate and express their opinions to come out with better results

MCI has Published today on its website and on the social networking site (Twitter)  a questionnaire measuring the consumers satisfaction with the services provided to them by all cars agencies in the Kingdom. This is to learn about their behavior in the purchase and use of cars, and to come out with a study and the results will be published in front of the community and local agencies, and these results will be discussed with the said agencies and manufacturers to improve the automobile sector.
This comes from the belief of MCI of the importance of organizing and developing the auto sector in the Kingdom. MCI is keen to play an active role in the achievement of a fair competitive environment leading to raising the level of services provided to the consumer.
Like the first questionnaire, this questionnaire is composed of four main parts, starting with the assessment of the consumer for the level of service provided to him in car sales, followed by an evaluation of the service provided in the maintenance centers, and then assess the level of satisfaction with the services of spare parts, and finally to assess the level of satisfaction with the customer services.
It is worth mentioning that  MCI had launched its first questionnaire last  June and the results were published in the media, and the results had been shared with the local agencies and the manufacturers where they showed  interest in improving the quality of their services in the kingdom and promised to develop them. This came at a time in which MCI adopted to conduct a questionnaire in January and June each year for monitoring the performance of agencies and ensure the improvement in the proportion of consumers' satisfaction on an ongoing basis.
During the last period, MCI tried to communicate with the manufacturers to inform them on the results of the previous questionnaire and requested their presence directly in the Kingdom to supervise and follow-up the performance of their agents to ensure the improvement and to raise the level of services provided to consumers.
The Ministry called all the consumers to participate in the questionnaire on the Ministry's website through the link
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