"MCI" inspect more than 2,900 facilities and register 277 violation in the telecommunications sector

27 Sep 2016
​Within the second phase of the inspection campaigns
Ministry of Commerce and Investment continued their inspection tours on the businesses establishments of the telecommunications and accessories sector in various regions of the Kingdom. These tours are part of the second phase of nationalizing the Telecom sector that started at the beginning of this month - Dhu al-Hijjah - as an implementation of the ministerial decree which limits working in this industry only on Saudi citizens.

Those tours included visiting more than 2,900 facilities and resulted in registering 277 violation which was: violating the nationalizing system and violating the system of Commercial Register. All those who involved were referred to the authorities in preparation for regulatory penalties procedures.

These campaigns cooperate and coordinated efforts with the Ministries of Interior, Labor and Social Development, Municipal and Rural Affairs, Communications and Information Technology, which aims to verify the regular business enterprises in the sector to develop appropriate and adequate job opportunities for national workforce.

Inspection tours focused on verifying the absence of commercial concealment violations, which is a violation that is panelized with two years imprisonment and million riyals fine on the offender whether a citizen or foreigner, with deportation for the foreigner to his country after the end of his sentence and prevent him from entering Saudi Arabia for business. Besides, the violators' names will be announced in the media along with closing the shop and prevent the offender from practicing the same business for five years.
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