MCI announce: 1400 inspection visit expose 313 fuel saving cards violations

26 Jul 2016
The inspection teams in the ministry of commerce and investment expose 313 obligatory fuel economy card violations after visiting 1440 Motorcar showrooms and exhibitions around the Kingdom from 12-16 this current month of Shawwal.

The efforts of the ministry of commerce and investment field inspection teams follow a plan prepared by Saudi program for energy efficiency, to set and authenticate the fuel economy card and observe committing to the regulations that oblige the seller to display it with specific conditions. The plan is carried on by the collaboration of four government organizations: The Customs Department, Saudi standards metrology and quality organization, Saudi Energy Efficiency Center and the MCI.

The inspection teams made their tours at Eastern Region, Central Region, Northern Region, Mecca, Medina, and Qassim, to make sure that the fuel economy cards are displayed with accurate information.

The exposed violations included 136 violations for no display of fuel economy cards on the cars, 42 violations for misplaced the card, 15 violations for different in card design and 117 cards in mono color and two violations for incorrect information on the cards.

MCI will not tolerate or hesitate to apply the penalties on the violators who do not follow the procedures. MCI also urges all the consumers to report their complaints to the consumer call center using this number 1900 or use the mobile application “commercial report.”
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018