During the Second Week of ”Ma-Yahtaj” (NO NEED TO COME, DO IT ONLINE), MCI Campaign Highlights Seven New Improvements for Starting up a Business

26 Feb 2018
The above mentioned awareness campaign continues its second week by highlighting seven new government improvements for starting up a business easily.

The above mentioned campaign, launched by “Meras”, which is one of the initiatives of the Executive Committee for Business Improvement, chaired by His Excellency Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi, Minister of Commerce and Investment, aimed at supporting and improving the commercial and investment environment in the Kingdom. Besides facilitating the procedures experienced by investors and entrepreneurs, also addressing any obstacles and facilitating and easing practicing of business, as well as enhancing competitiveness in purpose of creating an attractive environment that attracts, develops and encourages domestic and foreign investments, in addition to enabling and giving chance to the private sector to take part in the realization of the strategic objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The messages conveyed by the above mentioned campaign included the need for stating the national address of the Establishment through the electronic service and that the establishment would be exempted from the charges for the first year according to “Wasel” service.

The above mentioned campaign also highlighted the possibility of issuing the Municipality License immediately, in conjunction with the issuance of the Commercial Registration, all that can be done online. This is besides assigning the trade name for the Establishment online as well. The investors are provided with more than one option to pay the government charges online. These options included “Sadad” service, “Sadad” Electronic Account and the Credit Cards. The beneficiaries are able to print the Commercial Registration Contract and the company's Memorandum of Association without having to visit the Ministry’s Headquarters.

The Awareness campaign messages included as well the definition of how to refund the government fee that included all sectors. Where start-ups could recover the first 3 years of Commercial Registration fees and its renewal, as well as the registration of trademarks, also the Chambers of Commerce subscription, Municipality License, besides 80% of the Expat Fee, Saudi Post's subscription to the "National Address", the fees for publishing the Company’s Memorandum of Association and the licenses for economic activities. This is done through the Government Fee Recovery Portal (smerefund.sa​)

The above mentioned awareness campaign also included the process of electronic integration with the relevant authorities and the emphasis not to visit or attend any governmental offices, where the investor can start up his business and obtain all the necessary documents without the need to attend any offices, except the activities that require prior approval.

Notably, the above mentioned awareness campaign comes within the initiative of “Meras”, which is supervised by the Executive Committee for Improving the Business Performance of the Private Sector  “Tayseer”. During the first week of the above mentioned campaign, five topics, related to starting up a business, had been launched as follows: No Need to audit or review the Company’s Memorandum of Association, where this function can be done online, No Need to visit the Notary public for the authentication process, where this process is being done online via direct linking with “Absher” system. This is to verify the identity of partners through text messaging. The woman can start her business and avail of the government services without the need for the guardian consent. In addition to starting up a business and benefiting from the government services, opening bank account without the need for making a stamp for the company, and there is no need to open an account under incorporation of the company during the stages of founding.

Notably, “Meras” e-platform provides all these services through the link (meras.gov.sa)

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018