MCI, Detecting 4 Thousands of Corrupted Foodstuffs and Soft drinks in Al Majma`ah

25 Aug 2014
​Large Quantities of Commodities in Warehouses and Commercial Centers were Spoiled Due to Poor Storage
MCI Control Teams in Al Majma`ah prevented the sale and marketing of more than 4 thousand expired commodities of soft drinks and potato chips, as well as large quantities of other foodstuffs and canned food, unfit for the human consumption. These items were showing signs of corruption as a result of poor storage inside a number of warehouses and commercial centers that lack the health requirements. Those involved were summoned for investigation and taking the legal measures against them. 
The seizures, that were destroyed later on, included: cheese, powder milk, liquid milk, legumes, spaghetti, beans and juice.
Meanwhile, MCI Inspection Teams confiscated   400 commodities containing pictures in violation of the Islamic tradition during the Inspection Rounds in the said governorate, as well as detecting quantities of goods that do not carry any commercial data and recording a number of violations against some shops for not putting the price tag on the product, besides providing coins to consumers in the retail outlets. 
This comes within the framework of the intensive inspection campaigns implemented by MCI on factories, warehouses and shops in various regions of the Kingdom, to ensure the quality of the stored commodities and those offered for sale, also to ensure that there are no violations that may affect the health and safety of the consumer. 
The Ministry stresses that it would not tolerate in the application of the statutory procedures against the offenders and those involved in the practice of fraud and counterfeiting, and all that puts the health and safety of consumers at risk.
MCI calls on all the consumers to report their complaints and observations to the Notification Center in the Ministry on the phone No. 1900.
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018