MCI inspection teams raid on cars’ counterfeit auto parts warehouse and dispose of 195.000 containers prepared to be packed

25 Jul 2016
​The Ministry of Commerce and Investment continue the efforts on obstructing fraud and counterfeiting when raiding on a warehouse at ALManakh district (south of the city of Riyadh), and find evidence that proves involvement in the storage of counterfeit auto parts. The inspection team found auto parts packed with famous brand names boxes and ready to be distributed into the local market and sold to consumers as high-quality goods.
The inspection team shut down the warehouse, seized large quantities and dispose of 195 thousand counterfeit parts prepared for package and storage. Then report to the investigation team to take over to apply the penalties on those who break the regulations.
The Ministry of commerce and investment continue to perform inspection rounds on warehouses and commercial facilities, to ensure application of the rules, obstruct fraud practices on consumers and stop exploiting the demand for purchase/sale of any goods.
The Ministry affirms that there is no tolerance in applying penalties on violators and those involved in commercial fraud practices, including counterfeiting of registered trademarks and violation of intellectual property rights.
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment urges all the consumers to report their complaints and observations to the Consumer Call Center 1900, or through the mobile application "commercial report."
Last Modified 26 Dec 2018