MCI, 180 Seconds for Getting the Commercial Registration Electronically

25 Nov 2014
It is One of MCI Recent Achievements in the Field of Electronic Services
MCI has achieved a great leap in electronic services by providing the service in a professional manner, where the Ministry has launched the latest electronic services by developing the issuance of Commercial Registration for the beneficiaries electronically in a record time of 180 seconds, without the need for any paper work in all regions of the Kingdom.
In comparison with other countries that have already provided such type of services, the issuance of Commercial Registration in the Kingdom is considered the fastest till now, and this initiative is added to the pioneer  achievements of the Ministry in the development of services and supporting the economy of Saudi Arabia. You are kindly invited to watch the video through the link:click here
MCI announces that the Electronic Service for Commercial Registration enables the beneficiaries to issue the Chamber of Commerce Associate Certificate electronically, this step is done in a single phase by issuing one fee bill to the beneficiary, to be paid through the payment system, at the time when it was considered as two independent services requiring independent procedures for each service.
In addition to the possibility of issuing the Chamber of Commerce Associate Certificate, the Commercial Registration services allow the beneficiaries issuing, amendment or renewal of the Commercial Registration electronically, through the use of the security check with the Ministry of Interior and the service of "Absher" , what distinguishes the new Commercial Registration service, that they offer suggested commercial lists of  names for the institutions and the possibility of reserving the name directly electronically.
The Ministry also pointed out that this service will replace the Commercial Registration paper certificate, the electronic CR has been adopted to ensure reliability and data correctness of the electronic Commercial Registration, where MCI allows for all customers the possibility of verification of the Commercial Registration data through the link: This development comes as a pursuit of MCI for creating an innovative service to save the efforts of the beneficiaries and investors and facilitate their works in an innovative technical   vision.
It is worth mentioning that MCI has recently achieved three awards for three different projects in the Achievement Award for e-Government ceremony,  to be the first government agency to win in three projects at the same session, the Ministry has achieved the first prize as the best government agencies in community service through the beneficiary service system of the Consumer Notification Center  (1900) concerning  the commercial violations, and the Consolidated Call Center for business and industry sector (920000667), and the second prize in the branch of strengthening the National Economy through the service of registering the trademark electronically, and the third prize in the branch of the best electronic services via smart devices through the application of "Commercial Notification."
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