MCI Launches the Renewal of the Industrial Licenses Electronically

24 Mar 2014
As part of its developing plan to support the investors and to make use of technology in facilitating the procedures, MCI has launched a new service within the electronic services provided for both the commercial and industrial sectors. This service includes the final renewal of industrial license for (3 years) electronically, where This service allows the factories to apply for the renewal of their Industrial licenses within a few minutes through the website and to follow up the application automatically and to finish all the procedures without visiting the Ministry's headquarters.

This service came after the Ministry had launched during the last period the Issuance of industrial licenses electronically, which contributed significantly in facilitating the procedures for issuing licenses. MCI had adopted a number of developing measures for the industrial sector during the past few years in an effort to support the expansion of this sector, and to remove any obstacles standing in its way, and take advantage of using technology to serve and support the investors in this sector, and thus serving the local economy. In addition to the electronic industrial licenses, the Ministry provides a range of other electronic services for the industrial sector, such as the most notably services of supporting the manpower, the services for the customs exemption and updating the data of factories and other electronic services.

MCI worked as well intensively during the past years to encourage the industrial investment opportunities, which contributed in increasing the number of factories to more than 6 thousand factories spread across all regions. The Ministry has also set up the industrial follow up management to stand in the field close to this sector, to resolve any obstacles facing it, to ensure its regular work and to apply penalties against violators.

MCI calls on all the investors in the industrial sector who are interested in the renewal of their industrial licenses to access the MCI electronic services through the Ministry's website http:/

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018