MCI Real Estate Schemes' Committee Sets Deadline to Sell Khalij Salman Land Lot

24 Feb 2013
MCI Real Estate Schemes' Committee, set a deadline to receive bids to fully buy the land lot of Khalij Salman, through direct selling, at 12:30 PM, on Sunday 05/05/1434 AH, corresponding to 17/03/2013 AD.
Presided over by the Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr.TAWFIG FAWZAN ALRABIAH, the committee, also, has set a deadline to receive the bids and to judge them on Monday 06/05/1434 AH.
Khalij Salman is an initially endorsed land plot in northern Jeddah, with a total size of more than 85, 611,611 sq.m.
The lot is surrounded by a number of other housing as well as tourist lots, among are Sultanah and Durat Al-Arous. The related plots of this lot, are 903, with different sizes.
On the other hand, the committee is still receiving purchasing bids to buy other land lots such as Dhahaban, Northern Jeddah, Durrat Abha, Al-Mustaqbal, Kharj, Shazal Al-Qunfudha in Al-Quz.
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