The Ministry of Commerce launched various Initiatives to Protect the Consumers, Enhance the Commercial Environment, and to eliminate the Commercial Concealment

23 Sep 2020


The Ministry of Commerce is endeavoring to build a fair and competitive commercial environment that provides the consumer full protection against fraud, deception and misleading, besides giving the trader a high level of competitiveness by eliminating all harmful practices during the commercial process. For that purpose, the trade system, in cooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities, has launched a number of reforms and initiatives, aiming at improving the commercial environment and preserving the rights of all concerned parties.

In this context, an Operation Room for protecting the consumers was established to unify the efforts of all relevant authorities. Also the Ministry launched the Defective Product Recall Center, and established a website, as well as After-Sales Service Program was launched in partnership with the private sector.

The Ministry launched as well the electronic program to monitor the prices of foodstuffs, which includes more than 217 food items. This is to educate the consumer and the merchant of their rights during the commercial process, a Guide for Consumer’s Rights and a Merchant's Guide were launched as well.

In the field of E-Commerce, the Ministry has established a department specialized in monitoring e-stores, and the Ministry has also launched (Maroof) platform for e-stores, which provides reliability to the merchant and consumer, and it is subject to direct supervision by the Ministry.

The Ministry has also implemented a number of initiatives to combat the commercial concealment, addressing the shadow economy, and to unifying the efforts of the concerned government agencies, so that they can work under a unified system.

Therefore, a new Anti-Commercial Concealment Law was issued that included deterrent penalties against the cover-up crimes and against any violations of the law, besides the issuance of the Commercial Franchise System, as well as obliging the sales outlets to provide Electronic Payment Systems. This is to facilitate payment for the consumers and to reduce the circulation of cash, in addition to developing financing solutions that motivate entrepreneurs to invest in sectors where Commercial concealment is widely spread.

The Supreme Royal Order also approved the establishment of a Ministerial Committee to supervise the National Program for Combating the Commercial Concealment and to propose solutions and initiatives that would combat and eliminate the phenomenon of Commercial Concealment.

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Last Modified 25 Sep 2020