The Trade minister: "In this day we remember the founder of our proud country and we are setting our sights on enforcing business environment competitiveness as well as enabling quality investments."

23 Sep 2016
​His Excellency Dr. Majid Bin Abdullah Al Qasabi presented his warm wishes and congratulations to the Custodian of  the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, His Highness the Crown Prince His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, Second Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - May Allah protect them and the people of Saudi Arabia in the glorious occasion of the eighty-sixth Saudi National Day.
His Excellency said in a statement on this occasion: " In this glorious day we remember the founder of our proud country - May Allah rest his soul – the man who unified this virtuous country on the basis of faith and justice, and we will bear in mind the enforcement of the competitiveness in business environment to promote and enable the quality of investments and to increase the contribution of small and medium enterprises in GDP and raise the culture of entrepreneurship.
The Minister of Trade and Investment added: "We are also working on creating more job opportunities and enforce the consumer protection by raising his awareness toward his rights and also improve the regulatory and procedural environment to achieve the objectives of Vision 2030."
His Excellency concluded his statement by saying: "May Allah bless our nation and its leaders and its people, its security, integrity, and protect our brave soldiers and bless their efforts and grant them the best rewards."
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