MCI Seized 250 Bags of Rice Contaminated with Insects and Rats in a Restaurant in Mecca

23 Mar 2014
All quantities had been confiscated and destroyed and the owner was summoned for investigation and taking the necessary measures
The Control Teams of MCI had seized  in a famous restaurant in Mecca more than 250 bags of rice weighing 40 kilograms that were contaminated with insects and mice, where they were immediately confiscated, destroyed and the said restaurant was closed. The owner was summoned for investigation and applying the regulation.

This came during the intensive inspection tours conducted by the Control Teams of the Ministry on shops and commercial establishments in Mecca. The Control Teams noted the presence of many insects and mice inside the rice store of the restaurant, this is for sure dangerous to the health of customers, where the Control Teams immediately detected the offense in collaboration with the Secretariat of Mecca district, and the quantities were confiscated,  which were estimated at 10,000 kg and all the statutory procedures had been completed .

It is noteworthy to mention that MCI seized during the past period a number of warehouses, shops, and restaurants that store large quantities of spoiled and adulterated food, where they were confiscated and destroyed and the legal procedures were taken against the violators .

MCI confirms that it will continue its Control Tours on all commercial establishments to verify its regular works, the safety of the products,  to protect the consumers from any dangers and to apply the necessary deterrent procedures against the violators .

The Ministry also stresses that it will not tolerate in applying the legal procedures against the violators and those involved in the practice of fraud, and all that put the health and safety of consumers at risk.
The Ministry calls on all the consumers to report their complaints and observations to the Report Center in the Ministry on the phone No. 800 124 1616.

Last Modified 26 Dec 2018